About KMV Farm

Ok, so I was going to give you the long (and maybe boring to some) story of KMV Farm and how it started. But you know what?  It's not really all that important. Basically it all boils down to a few key points...  I've had chickens since '94 because of my mentor Bob Hawes, I have a weakness for overly friendly and sometimes pushy breeds of chickens, and I have an addiction to hatching eggs. It doesn't matter what breed. Send me some eggs and I'll do my darnedest (is that really a word? Sorry, I get distracted easy too.) to hatch them. I'm learning to resist hatching my own eggs, somewhat. But if there's a chance it's purebred, and it hasn't been sold or eaten, then it's fair game.
So do me a favor and check out my Availability page. PLEASE!!! And save me from being overrun with cute fuzzy fluffbutts.
Ok, well, maybe not overrun. I seem to be able to sell the chicks as fast as I do the eggs. Except for those varieties that have to grow out a bit more, so you can see how they're growing, so you can make a decision if they are worthy to stay and possibly displace someone else, or find a home with another willing victim. Er...  Person. Future chicken addict. Whatever.
But seriously...  I told myself I would limit my flocks to two breeds. And maybe a couple varieties of each breed.  Yeah, RIGHT!  This time around, I started back with bantam Cochins. They've been a favorite of mine ever since Bob Hawes gave me a mismarked blue pullet. That was the start of my downhill slide. But at the time, I only had chickens for their eggs. I hadn't experienced breeding, or incubation, or hatching, or anything else that goes along with those things. I had no idea what an SOP was...  son of a...  pullet?
Then I moved and had to rehome the chickens, and it was a number of years later when I finally talked my husband into letting me get a few more chickens. For the eggs. To feed our raw-fed dogs. To help with the bug problem. Little did he know what he was agreeing to.
A few years later and I'm up to four primary breeds with a couple different varieties of some, plus the Easter Eggers and assorted extras that just happened along at one time or another. Granted most of the breeds or varieties involve fewer than ten birds.
Actually the only one OVER ten birds right now are the Swedish Flower Hens, but the majority of them are growing out and will be available for sale within the next few months. So if I were to count only adult birds, then the largest group would be my silver grey Dorkings (8). I think my mille fleur Cochins come next (4). No, actually, I think they're tied with the red and silver laced Cochins. Then we have the Columbian Cochins. Oh wait...  I forgot the Swedish Flower Hens, too. Then there are a few more assorted Dorkings too. But those numbers aren't quite right, since there are multiple roosters for some. Extra roosters don't count. Right? Oh, and the Wyandottes. I only have a pair of the blue laced reds and a couple other extra girls who are awesome broody mommas.  And then there's the extra roosters kept for backups... But roosters don't count, right?
Hm, where was I?  Oh, breeds. Right...  Lets see, I've got the Dorks, the 'Dottes, the Cochins and the Swedes. Easter Eggers!  That's who I was forgetting. Those lovely birds that can come in just about any size, shape, color, or whatever, and lay lovely blue to green eggs. An Easter Egger, by definition, is a mixed breed bird that lays blue to green eggs. I raise "purebred Easter Eggers". I call them my "Oxymorons". But you can learn more about them on their own page.
Ok, the train got derailed again...  Where was I? Hm. Did I mention I'm also into Amateur Radio?  When I took the test and got my Technician level license, the FCC in their infinite wisdom (hubby says they had an inside line on me), issued me the call sign KI4GOT. K. I. Forgot. Yup. That's about right. I'd probably forget my butt if it weren't attached. I even have to keep a 'Hatching Log' so I can remember when eggs were set and when they're due. Hm. That reminds me I didn't put in that last batch of pullet eggs.
Now when did they go in??? Let me see...