Plans for this year...
First, I am sorry to disappoint anyone, but I am not selling hatching eggs in the near future. I have all my breeding pens set up and I am planning to hatch everything I can in the forseeable future. In years past I have sold lots of eggs early on, only to lose a hen or have them all go broody at once, leaving me with nothing to hatch for myself. As such, most of my breeding hens are now two years old (or more) with no younger girls to fill in the gaps.
I WILL be selling sexed and started youngsters as I have extras available. Most likely I'll have everything that's available with me at Gilmanor. May 2nd at the Gilman Farm & Feed in Glen Allen, VA.
I will be taking pre-sales orders probably starting mid April, but that will depend entirely on how well the hatching goes. Until then, I'll be posting updates periodically. 
Thanks for visiting.
Karen - KI4GOT