I have finally gotten all but one of my replacement roosters and my pens are coming along nicely.  I still have a couple varieties I need additional hens for, but with the exception of the Red Dorking (no rooster at this time) and the bantam Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (no hens) I have at least one pair of each of my varieties now. I still have more coop and pen projects planned and hopefully some of them will be completed this summer.
My goal is to raise quality birds of rare or uncommon breeds and to introduce them to those who haven't learned of their wonderful qualities.
Recently I had to process one rooster. His quality was exceptional but his personality was the extreme opposite... Thus, I have no usable Red Dorking roosters at this time.
These are my rules for roosters:
1.  You will NOT spur the keeper.
2.  You will not CONTINUE attacking the keeper, even after she has
     launched you backwards with the top of her boot, several times.
3.  If you persist in attacking the keeper, you WILL become dinner.
Fortunately none of my 'favorites' have anything to worry about. Most days my free ranging bunch are trying their best to get stepped on, while my legs are being carressed by tapping beaks and feathers as they push and shove to get closer to me.
It's not about me, it's about FOOD! You would think these birds had never eaten ever before in their lives.
Part of the flock, sharing Merlin's breakfast.
Updated 03.16.2014