I am currently hatching everything I can get my hands on! 
The current list of breeds for 2017 are as follows:
Silver Grey & Dark Dorkings
Swedish Flower Hens (some crested)
Coturnix Quail
Narragansett Turkeys
Rex Rabbits
For descriptions of each of these, please refer to their breed pages linked on the left.
I'll have Dorkings and Swedish Flower Hens throughout the spring and summer, available for local pickup or shipped. Due to biosecurity reasons, visitiors will not be allowed at the farm. I hope you understand. I am willing to meet at the Tractor Supply in either Roanoke or Christiansburg, or deliver to the Roanoke Swap on the 3rd Saturday of the month (dependent on my work schedule).
If you are wanting chicks, I prefer to wait until they can be identified by color and sex, as all my birds are hatched together and some varieties are harder to tell apart early on. By doing this I'm finding it's easier to fill more specific orders, such as crested SFH pullets or silver grey cockerels only. 
I am also raising Coturnix quail in a variety of colors, including snowflake, silver, British Range, tuxedo, golden and brown. I will sell day old chicks locally, but they are too fragile to ship at that age. I can ship them around 4 weeks or older. I will not guarantee sexes for any quail under 8 weeks old, since some varieties are impossible to sex by color.
One new addition to the farm are Narragansett Turkeys. This Heritage breed is well known for their easy disposition. I'm having a bit of a slow start with them this year, but anticipate having a few poults and started youngsters available later this spring/summer and into next year. I will not ship anything but 3-4 week old poults, depending on the weather and availability. 
I have also added Rex rabbits to my farm and hope to have quality youngsters available starting later this summer. I should have a wide variety of colors coming along. I am working on two groups, one to produce harlequin & tricolor, the other to produce otter & self. 
Thanks for coming by, please stop back now and then to see what we have going on.
You can also find me on Facebook by searching for KMV Farm or my call sign, KI4GOT.