Sorry I haven't updated the pages recently.
I am only breeding Dorkings (Silver Grey and Dark - a UK melanized version of Silver) and Swedish Flower Hens at this time. I will not be hatching any more this year after the SFH hatch that's due this week. Most of those chicks are expected to sell at Gilmanor next month.
I no longer have bantam Cochins or Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. Sorry to those who keep asking for them. Jane Christine of Thistledown KuneKune, in Goochland VA, purchased a large portion of my BLRW and is doing well with them. I suggest looking her up.
In addition to poultry, I am now raising Rex rabbits for meat, pelts and pets. They are a great breed to work with, friendly and sociable. I'm working on breeding harlequin, tricolor, otter and agouti colors. I'm just getting started with them, but I'll be posting on the various Rex and Tri Rex Facebook groups as I have kits available.
Thanks for coming by, please stop back now and then to see what we have going on.
You can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kmvfarm/